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Rococoland Studios is Los Angeles' premier Old Hollywood vintage glamour photography studio, and the only one of its kind providing full wardrobe, styling, and art direction using all authentic vintage and antique garments and props. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, our little industrial artist's studio plays backdrop to the staging of cinematic dreams, shadowy vignettes, and photographic love letters to the Silver and Golden Ages of Hollywood (with a colorful nod to New York's Ziegfeld Follies, where many an old time-y Hollywood starlet got their start.)


The younger brainchild of owner and photographer Rebecca Emily Darling's older brainchild, Rococo Vintage, Rococoland Studios upholds the same ethos of blending drama and whimsy, nostalgia and technology. Rebecca's work is influenced by the classical New York & Hollywood masters -- most notably Alfred Chaney Johnston and George Hurrell -- but reveals a decidedly dreamy and feminine touch. We believe that vintage and portraiture should be both beautiful and fun, and aim to always deliver shoots that are as much about playfulness as they are about glamour, with photos that embody a balance of darkness and light, and old soul with new spirit.


We -- and you, too, dear one, if ever you come play! -- are The New Old Hollywood


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