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Ziegfeld Follies photography in Los Angeles. Using real vintage and antique clothing! Become an old time-y flapper for all time.

I'm pregnant. Do you do pregnancy shoots? // I'm getting married. Do you do engagment shoots? // I have a little girl or boy. Do you shoot children?


Yes, yes, yes!!!! Rebecca has many ideas for these kinds of shoots -- please contact us to discuss details and pricing.

I have no modeling experience and often feel nervous in front of the camera -- can you help me?


Yes! We love working with first-time stars and starlets, and please be assured that we consider it our job to make sure you look totally at ease in your photographs -- as if this is something you were born to do. These shoots are a collaboration between artists -- yourself included! -- and we are confident that we can inspire even the shyest of blossoms to open and thrive in front of the lens. Rebecca often pulls from her background in theatre and writing to weave immersive stories for you to wrap yourself up in, and we can guarantee that you will feel positively aglow with the love and encouragement surrounding you from all sides.

What makes you different from traditional boudoir or pinup photography?


Unlike pinup or boudoir photography, we aim to recapture the true spirit of Old Hollywood. Our wardrobe is comprised of authentic vintage and antique garments, and Rebecca is not only a photographer or lover of vintage styles, but a true expert in the field of real vintage clothing (she has run an online vintage clothing shop for eight years and has worked in the vintage industry for ten!) We are all about making our clients feel beautiful and glamorous in a truly magical and transformative way, and the images which result from our shoots are both utterly timeless and genuinely unique. Where boudoir and pinup photography have become common, Old Hollywood glamour remains a true rarity in this day and age. Which is all to say -- there really is a world of difference! 

I know nothing about vintage and I can't tell the 1950's from the 1910's -- can you help me determine what era will suit me best?


Absolutely yes, and this is a big part of what Rebecca does prior to your shoot. She will ask you which photos in her portfolio most resonnate with you, and will also ask to see some recent photos of you so that she can put her mind to work coming up with a vintage dreamscape just for you. Our hair and makeup artists will also have a look at your recent photos, and will confer with Rebecca about what they suspect will suit you best. In other words: never fear, Team Vintage is here!

Who selects what I wear?


Rebecca does all of the styling and art direction for these shoots, and with her years of working in the vintage and fashion industry she has a knack for almost immediately sussing out what will best fit your coloring, figure, and vintage spirit (which may be different from your modern spirit -- you might be surprised!) She will, of course, take your feedback into consideration, and you will never be forced or pressured to wear something that you aren't happy with. 

I saw a particular garment in the portfolio that I fell in love with. Can I wear that for my shoot?


You can inquire after a specific garment, but unfortunately we can't guarantee that you'll be able to wear it. As all of our garments are authentic vintage and antique pieces, they come in that one size only and won't fit everyone. Certain garments -- such as evening gowns and delicate antique pieces -- are only available in higher tier packages due to the risk every time they are worn (to put it this way, we can't have 30 people wearing one 80 year-old gown -- it would simply fall apart!)

I know exactly what I want and want to pick everything out myself -- is that okay?


Part of the benefit of working with us is that we craft unique vintage dreamscapes just for you, from start to finish. That also means that there will be some trust in our expertise involved. Keep in mind that Rebecca shot, styled, and art directed all of the photographs on this website, and the things you love about these photos are a result of her eye and our hair and makeup artist's expertise. We won't shoot anything we don't think will make optimal works of art that best express both your spirit and ours, and the most beautiful photographs come from this willingness to trust in the process and live in the moment. But all that said, if you have any ideas, let us know!

I'm plus size and I'm worried that the vintage clothing won't fit. Do you have clothes for me? And if not, can I still shoot with you?


It is true that most vintage clothing is on the small side, and that we have limited control over what sizes we're able to find, but rest assured that we will always find a way to deliver beautiful shoots for all sizes and shapes. We do have a small collection of plus size vintage (the collection is only small because it is rare) that we are working on expanding, and we can always use vintage and antique shawls, capes, or swaths of tulle about the shoulders for close-up and three-quarter portraits.


If you are interested in having a reproduction made for your shoot, we can connect you with one of a couple costume designers we know and would be happy to help with the process by giving our input. We can also point you in the direction of some quality ready-to-wear vintage reproductions, and Rebecca will happily discuss which options will best suit you and which look the most authentic on camera, especially when paired with authentic vintage jewelry and accessories. 


Rebecca does keep an especial eye out for gorgeous plus size vintage during all of her hunting trips, and so if we do not have something now, it certainly does not mean we won't in the future!

Do you shoot film or digital? 


Rebecca shoots digital, although we do have plans to expand to include other mediums in the future.For now we're enjoying the way in which digital allows for much more variation throughout a single shoot, as well as permits freedom of movement for both the subject and the photographer. It also means that you can have your photos in both black & white and color! 

Where is your studio?


Our studio is located in Downtown Los Angeles, right around the corner from Cole's and the infamous speakeasy, The Varnish.

I'm interested in shooting somewhere else. Do you ever do location shoots?


Yes! Rebecca's lights are very transportable and we are happy to discuss shooting you at a different location. Travel and location fees will apply. 

How soon after the shoot will I receive my photos?


We understand what it's like waiting for photos, and so you will always be given some kind of teaser taste within 24 hours. Be it a short Instagram video of a portion of the shoot or a behind-the-scenes-snap shot, there will always be a little something to keep you excited. You will typically receive your first fully edited portrait within 72 hours, and any additional edited photos that were included in your package will be delivered within 2 weeks time. After you've received all of your included edited portraits, you will be sent a digital proof sheet of the best unedited images from your shoot to review and make any additional orders from. 


Due to the complexity involved in this kind of vintage photo editing (and additionally due to her perfectionist nature) Rebecca typically spends at least three hours, and often significantly longer, editing each and every portrait. This is why turn around time will not always be lightening fast, but Rebecca is good about keeping in touch to let you know when you can expect your images.

Will I receive unedited photo files? 


We do not give out unedited photo files as we do not release work that does not meet our highly professional and artistic standards. You will, however, receive a link to an online gallery of unedited proofs that you may make additional orders from.

Payment & policies.

Do you require a deposit? 


Yes, we always require a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the shoot (makeup included) at the time of booking. The full balance will then be paid the day of the shoot.

Do you offer payment plans?


Yes! We are able to break the deposit up into two 25% installments, and can discuss a reasonable timeline for these payments to be made. We can customize a plan a bit more for you, but 50% of the total will always be due at the time of confirming a shoot date, and the full balance must always be paid the day of the shoot.


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Credit card payments will be assessed a small processing fee. We can also accept PayPal for deposit payments, and again a small processing fee will be applied. 

What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy? 


We try to be firm in the dates that we set, but we understand that life happens, and sometimes a shoot will need to be rescheduled. Please try to let us know at least three days prior to your shoot date if you will need to reschedule. If that isn't possible, as long as you let us know 24 hours or more in advance, there will be no penalty charge. If you contact us to reschedule less than 24 hours before your shoot, a penalty fee in an amount equal to your deposit will be assessed (which means that your deposit will be kept and you will need to pay the full shoot amount for a rescheduled session.) Rescheduled shoots must be set within three months, otherwise the deposit will be kept. If for any reason you decide that you want to cancel your shoot all together, your deposit will be kept. 

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