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Rococoland Studios is pleasing partners with Rococo Vintage, which sells vintage clothing out of Los Angeles. Our shoots are both glamorous and fun!

Classic Old Hollywood portraiture is so much more than conventional pinup photography; it is an art and experience all of its own. 


Blinded by lights, wrapped up in shadows, is truly the most remarkable way to be shot -- it makes sitting for photos akin to being on stage, and with such brightness dazzling your eyes, it is easy for even the most grounded among us to feel transported to another time and place. These portraits, too, are timeless, and are certain to be items that you treasure for all the rest of your days -- the kind of photographs you hang onto to "show the grandkids one day" and to gaze back on for many years to come. 



Rococoland Studios, partners with Rococo Vintage, can turn you into a 1910's showgirl, a 1920's flapper, a 1930's silver screen goddess, or a 1940's movie star... and more, to boot!

It is our great pleasure to transform you into a true object dell'arte, and to surround you with love and support so that all of the confidence and glamour inside of you can blossom to the surface. Our clients are consistently surprised at how relaxed and alive they look in their portraits, and how much they really do embody that Old Hollywood screen siren mystique. 


Our gentle and loving coaching, along with our makeovers complete with authentic vintage hair and beauty looks, are transformative. Those things, as well as the entirely unique addition of full styling using precious and often one-of-a-kind vintage and antique garments & props, ensures that these shoots and portraits are truly a one-of-a-kind experience. For the length of the shoot and every time you catch a glimpse of one of your photos thereafter, you will feel transported to another time. 


You'll also experience a lot of fun, and a lot of giggles. And possibly a splash of champagne... who can say? *wink*


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